The Felted Hammer provides affordable piano services with straight-forward pricing. All services are completed by a fully insured Certified Piano Technician.

Churches, Schools, and Military receive 10% off all services.

  • Fine Tuning

    • Fine Tuning of your piano
    • Light Cleaning
    • Minor Repairs
    • Regulation of the Pedals
    • Assessment of the Piano‚Äôs Condition


  • Deep Clean

    • Remove heavily accumulated debris like dust, food particles, pet hair, etc.
    • Removal of action and keys for thorough cleaning of hard to reach places
    • Cleaning of keytops to remove years of oil, dirt, and debris
    • Cleaning/ conditioning of exterior cabinet


  • Service Call

    • Inspection, evaluation, troubleshooting
    • Basic repairs and adjustments
    • Time and cost may vary depending on the severity of the problem
    • An estimate will be provided for major repairs


  • Inspection/ Evaluation

    • Deep inspection of parts, action, and cabinet
    • Search for technical or structural issues
    • Assess any repairs that may need to be done to the instrument
    • Determine age of the instrument