Piano Tuning Services

The importance of maintenance


Pianos need be be properly maintained in order to function at their best. Typically, pianos need to be tuned two to four times each year to stay sounding their best. This number depends on the environment of the piano and how much it is played.

Regular tuning will provide more stability in the sound of your piano and increase its value.


What is included in your standard piano tuning service?


Service Includes ·

  • Fine Tuning
  • Light Cleaning
  • Minor Repairs
  • Regulation of the Pedals
  • Assessment of the Piano’s Condition

If your piano has not been tuned in some time, it may require additional work to get your instrument in tune and stable.  When repairs and additional work are required, you will be provided with an estimate during the tuning appointment.


Performed by a fully insured Certified Piano Technician with a Peace of Mind Guarantee!

Fine Tuning

Every piano deserves the love and care that a piano technician can provide for your instrument. Your piano was built to perform at its best at standard pitch (A440). While a piano has 88 notes, the average piano has 230 strings! Each of those strings must be tuned to work together as a whole to allow your instrument to sing.


Light Cleaning

A light cleaning includes dusting of the piano cabinet, cleaning/ dusting the tops of the strings and dampers, and cleaning the action without removing it from the piano, as well as cleaning the keytops.


Minor Repairs

Many repairs can be made during the piano tuning process, with no additional service call (sticking keys, squeaky pedals, etc.) Be sure to inquire with any issues you may be having with your instrument.

Regulation of Pedals

Pedals become lose and not as responsive overtime. This can affect your playing experience and sometimes even cause issues with ringing notes. Keeping your pedals in good regulation will aid in your ability to add expression to your performance.


Assessment of Your Piano’s Condition

On occasion, pianos need more than a minor repair. The Felted Hammer can inspect your piano’s condition from top to bottom and provide you with recommendations to and no-pressure estimates for repairs and preventative maintenance.


Peace of Mind Guarantee

The Felted Hammer provides professional care for your piano and guarantees your complete satisfaction. If ever you are dissatisfied after your piano has been serviced, reach out and your issue will be resolved free of charge.

Service Area


The Felted Hammer services Southern Colorado, including:


Colorado Springs


Cañon City

La Junta

Colorado City